Want to try meeting someone online but not sure you should? 

Read on to learn how you can use Lavaan, a Sikh Matrimonial Service, to find your perfect partner in a modern, safe and respectful way.

But first, are Sikhs even allowed to look for a partner online?

There has been a huge stigma attached to online sites as there has been a strong association with casually dating and not actually finding a suitable life partner. So, what makes Lavaan unique? Lavaan has the sole focus on attracting members who are serious about finding a life partner, if someone wants to casually get to know people, this platform is not for them.

Our goal is to help single Sikhs find a Sikh partner whilst offering basic bite size education on Sikhi. Lavaan connects Sikhs all over the UK and opens up the opportunity for you to find a partner- safely, respectfully and with integrity. 

However, like anything, it comes down to your intentions of using our platform in an honest way. 

Good luck with your search and remember we are always here if you have any questions