As Sikhs- we should be uplifting each other as we would in Khalsa Raj. Support our brothers and sisters in their ventures.

We have so many Sikh entrepreneurs that we shouldn’t really need to look outside of the Sikh community- from Creatives to Real Estate. ⠀

3 Simple things you can do to support Sikh businesses:

     1. Pay full price

We wouldn’t go to normal businesses and bargain for a discount so why do we do this with small Sikh businesses/start-ups? We should be happy to pay a fair price requested by businesses and if we see a job done really well- pay them a little more. This way we all grow.

     2. Give them a shout out

We should always celebrate a good job done well and what better way to do this than giving them a shout out on social media platforms and referring them to friends and family.

     3. Encourage them

We find ourselves quick to point out faults but when it comes to encouraging Sikh entrepreneurs, we just don’t do it enough. If you see something which you think doesn’t work- provide them with a solution, rather than always shutting them down. 

Support our community by giving them work and having a honest relationship between yourself and the business. Give feedback so they are able to grow even more and take pride in their business, it goes a long way and we promise you they will really appreciate it.